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What our coming customers ask

How far is the hotel from downtown?

We are located close to downtown, 10 minutes walking by the sidewalk where you will find so many stores, food, souvenirs, coffee shops, groceries, drugstores… a lot of things you can enjoy while you get to the Malecon.

Does the hotel has a beach?

No, we are stablished 3 blocks away from one of the best beaches in town. 

The hotel has a pool?
Yes we have a pool where you and your kids can have a cool day.
Is the hotel area a safe place to walk around?

We will never be exempt from unwanted surprises, but our area is very safe and comfortable to walk around day and night.

Which is the best time to visit Vallarta?

All depends of what do you preffer:

  • Low visitors: May – September – October
  • Nice weather: from november to april
  • Love rainning season?: from july to October
  • Hot weather: May to august
  • Burning?: september
What does the room includes?

Every room includes