We are in full summer season, the national vacationers take advantage of the school holidays to visit our beautiful city. Our hotel, as every year this season, is fully booked, until the first week of August.
In general, occupancy in Puerto Vallarta is almost entirely reserved by summer vacationers.

The rainy season is also present from June to September, and some sporadic rains in October, unless nature has other plans. Although we have a season of storms and hurricanes, vacationers are not scared and trust to spend a well deserved rest on our beaches.

We enjoy a benign climate, although hot by the high humidity, which is around 98% these days. It is rare for it to rain several days in a row or all day, it is normal to rain in the evening and the rest of the day is cloudy and sunny.

Not good weather for our visitors coming from cold places, or for those who do not like storms. But it is a good time to enjoy the best prices in our hotel, tourist services like tours, plane tickets, among others.

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