Hotel in Vallarta downtown, affordable prices
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Hi dear friends and visitors, we are renewing our website, which must be finished soon, we are very sorry about the inconvenience.We are working hard to be the best wing forefront of online services for you who visit us from Mexico and around the world.

Thank you a lot for your patience, you may find new items and posts that wasn’t included in our old site. If you see something strange, please, feel free to contact us and let us know any detail out of normal standard services.

We offer apologizes in advance for any errors that we have committed, that is inconsistent with our actual offer of service or wrong data. We ask also that you contact us to confirm any details about our prices, rooms, suites and packages.

Remember that we’ll offer you the best rates available in the web, your contact is direct to us!

Thank you, hope to see you soon!

Paloma del Mar Hotel.

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